Gourmet and D'Lites

Our selection of Gourmet and D-Lites is intended to be your gateway from sinful nibbling to totally guiltless indulgences of well balanced and delicious bakery, pastry, chocolate and sweets, prepared in house to perfectly suit diabetics and for half the calories!

The Gourmet and D-Lites Menu comprises a wide selection of cakes, muffins, Arabic sweets, pastries (sweet and salty), and puddings; all guilt free and calorie counted portions.

We use Fruit sugar (fructose) in our home made pastries and maltitol to sweeten our chocolate.

Our Chocolates are succulent, neatly wrapped, made from natural fruit sugar – a boon for diabetics and a healthy alternative for everyone.

Gourmet and D-Lites:

Parties and Cocktails, Kids Parties, Business meeting snacks, Healthy snacks for everyday, Diabetic desserts


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